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Need to register a domain name for your website? Secure your brand’s online presence by finding your perfect domain today! Get 100% Australian based support.

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Best Tips to Find the Ideal Domain Name

Here are some good tips if you want to make sure your domain name works:

  • Make it memorable. Make it iconic and easy to say out loud.
  • Keep it short. Longer names are harder to remember.
  • Make it relevant. To your brand, industry or service.
  • Include a keyword or brandable word. This can help your website rank higher with Google.
  • Avoid hyphens and crazy symbols. It’s harder to remember and type.
  • Consider privacy protection. Particularly if you’re just starting out.
  • Buy all the associated domain names with your main domain. You can use these to redirect traffic to your main site or sell them later for a profit if they become more popular!

3 ways our domain names will help you!

Better Branding

Keep your domain name short, as longer names are harder to remember.

Boost Credibility

Make your domain name relevant to your industry or service.

Privacy Protection

Consider privacy protection, particularly if you’re just starting.

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