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Domain Privacy

The online world has made it a lot easier for us to get the information we are looking for, but it also gives out private information that we might not want to be available to anyone with an internet connection. We are aware of how sensitive this kind of info can be and that is why maaaate offers domain privacy services that will allow you to maintain control over the amount of private information about you and your business that is available online.

If you have already registered a domain name, then you will already know that you are required to provide contact details such as name, phone number and address during the registration process. What you might not know is that the information is now logged into a WHOIS database that is available to the public. If you are not comfortable with everyone being able to access that information, you can take advantage of our domain privacy service.

This service is available for new and for already existing domain names and it will basically change the contact details in the WHOIS database by replacing it with our information instead. Domain privacy acts as a middleman that keeps your private information private. It is quite accessible and easy to manage once you have it, but it is not available for all websites due to international regulations. It cannot be used on websites with a .com.au or .net.au ending. If you would like to know more, we have people standing by ready to help you so just give us a call!

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