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With so much competition these days, most businesses – and individuals – are turning to blogging as a way of drawing interest to their products and services. A blog can be what you want it to be, there are no rules, but one thing that you must have in order to succeed is an attractive blog design. An attractive blog design helps set you apart from other blogs and it shows your personality, who you are and what your purpose is. Here at 10am, we have many years experience in bringing our clients’ ideas to life. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will work with your ideas to create a blog design that truly reflects on you and your business.

Some of the benefits of working with 10am include:

  • Top notch services that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or you don’t pay
  • A quick turnaround time of 3 days or less
  • Keep up to date on the status of your project with our project tracker
  • High quality design, without the high price tag
  • Complimentary Lifetime storage and access to your files
  • Your designs are yours upon completion, you own them
  • Completed designs are sent in multiple file formats

We don’t want you to sacrifice quality for design and with us, you never will. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Blogs, once for the technical folks only, are now more mainstream than ever. Having a blog on your website enables you to communicate with your customers and website visitors in a timely manner….. and whenever you like.

At a time when companies and individuals are incorporating blogs into their marketing strategies and lives, a unique blog design will set your blog apart from others.

Don’t settle for an “Off the Shelve” design!

What is a Blog?

A blog is the answer to this question: Did you ever wanted to publish your own articles, observations or anything else on the Web without having to learn web design / managing a website? A blog may be your answer.

A blog is a type of website that allows you to publish (or “post”) via a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. The word blog is a contraction of web and log … a journal on the Web.

You’ll enjoy the ease with which you can publish articles, opinions and any other data on the Web without fooling around with writing HTML or building and uploading pages. And you can include pictures as well.

Blog Audiences

Truth be told, there already exists a wide blog-reading audience for blogs, and “bloggers” tend to talk and share. And, because blogs can have a “syndication” feature, they can be picked up by news aggregator services — that is, your audience may find your blog through Yahoo, bloglines.com and other highly trafficked websites. In fact, your audience may read your blog daily without ever visiting it in person!

About those search engines … search engines tend to visit blogs much faster, and with more frequency, than regular websites. We’ve observed Google — and blog news aggregators — visiting blogs within hours of installing the software. This means that your “posts” will be included in news sites that feature blog output as well as in the major search engines.

Business Uses for Blogs

While blogs can be used for any topic, businesses are utilising blogs with increasing frequency as a method of publishing an ongoing series of articles, industry observations, tips and news on their own, as and when they will. Some are quite popular and enjoy large followings. Blogs can also be set up to allow others to post and to comment about posts, thereby gaining valuable interactivity and user input.

Blog structure

One of the appealing features of blog is their structure – where the latest posts are featured on the home page, and are moved off after a period of time that you specify. The basic structure of a well-structured blog is:

  • Home page – current posts (articles) which rotate off the home page as new posts are published
  • Permanent page for each individual post, plus visitor comments. The permanent page is created when you publish the post, even while the post is displayed on the home page.
  • Category page – index of posts in that category
  • Monthly page – index of posts for that month
  • Search Feature – for searching the blog

We emphasise “well structured” because many blogs lack basic features that would make them more usable – and some which cause problems with search engines. We customise our clients’ blogs to make them both more usable and to ensure they don’t incur these search engine problems.

Blog Design

Like any websites we design, your blog package will include a unique logo and page design that will accomplish the following for you:

  • looks professional and represents you or your company well
  • be designed to help people to remember you or your company
  • be targeted to your audience and/or customers
  • be non-confusing and easy to navigate
  • built to download fast and structured for easy future growth
  • increases your exposure on the Web by inclusion in news aggregators and search engines

While different types of blog software are available, some with their own web hosting and monthly fees, we prefer to recommend a stand-alone blog program that we install on your own web hosting space.

This ensures that, if the blog-hosting company changes something, goes out of business, or raises its prices, your blog won’t be affected.

Costs of a Blog design

The blog software we recommend is Open Source (that is, it’s free, though donations to the developers are appreciated) as well as stable, reliable and easy to use.

Most blog software has a very generic “look” when installed, and differentiation of your blog will require design and implementation. However, since the design of your blog may not involve the kind of in-depth marketing research and development required for a regular commercial website, we have allowed our fees to reflect that fact.

Make Your Blogs a Big Hit on the Internet

Blogging has become a popular hobby for many people. From political blogs to personal blogs and everything in between, we are here to help you create a blogging site that is a big success with internet users across the globe.

Blogs are a great way of getting your point across. They are also great for getting across unbiased information. The trouble is, all that content can soon mount up; and without any clear order, navigation and design, your readers will soon lose interest in your musings.

Adding Order to Content

A good blog design will allow your readers and subscribers to follow your latest postings with ease. A good blog design will allow your readers to quickly and easily navigate between different articles. Your own blog design could even include a search box, allowing readers to find relevant content quickly based on a keyword search.

By adding navigation to your blog design, you can enable your readers to keep up to date easily.

Your blog design could even include quick links to your other online hotspots, such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other third party sites; this will enable your readers to get a closer glimpse at your online goings on.

Commercial Blogs

 Commercial blogs are ideal for businesses that want to boost their SEO for their online presence. A commercial blog should provide useful information relating to the business.

For example, if the business sells products, such as door bells, the business could use a commercial blog design to tell readers how to install different door bells, while at the same time pointing them to their own products.

If the business provided a service, such as flower delivery, the business could use a commercial blog design to tell readers about the significance of different flowers ad arrangements, while at the same time reminding readers of their own services.

Commercial blogs give businesses an opportunity to personally connect with new and old customers, while at the same time boosting their SEO and creating a new stream of advertising. Talk to us today to set up a blog design that helps you utilize the power of information on the internet.

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